Castlevania Judgment Review: You Don't Belong In This World

The long-running Castlevania » 11/26/08 3:40pm 11/26/08 3:40pm series comes to the Wii as a 3D fighter with . Yes, we've come to terms with series producer Koji Igarashi's solution to shoehorning some Dracula slaying onto Wii controls. But will fans? Pitting thirteen mainstays (and one newcomer) from over two decades against each other in a…

Castlevania Judgment's Latest Trio Of Gothic Misfits

While I was uncertain about Castlevania Judgment before, their current trend of releasing characters three at a time has me downright troubled. The game comes out next month, and while part of me thinks this could just be a clever way to build up suspense for the game's release, the more cynical side of me suspects… » 10/28/08 1:40pm 10/28/08 1:40pm

Konami Whips Up Castlevania Judgment, An Online 3D Fighter For Wii

It's official. Castlevania Judgment, the first 3D fighting game to bear the Castlevania brand, is coming to the Wii this Fall. Series producer Koji "Iga" Igarashi is helming the project with a little help from manga artist Takeshi Obata, the man in charge of character designs this go 'round. Obata may be best known… » 7/01/08 3:40pm 7/01/08 3:40pm

Wii Castlevania Revealed! It's A Fighting Game?

According to GoNintendo, the latest issue of Nintendo Power reveals the proud return of the Castlevania series to consoles. Castlevania Judgment is, believe it or not, a 3D fighter, pitting classic characters from throughout the series against each other in mortal combat. Yes, not at all the exact opposite of what … » 6/26/08 7:40pm 6/26/08 7:40pm