The 'Yelp For People' App Is A Terrible Idea That Won't Go Anywhere

A story went viral last night about an upcoming smartphone app named “Peeple,” which bills itself as being like the popular review service Yelp, except for humans instead of bars and restaurants. People are horrified by this idea. I don’t think we need to worry, though, because I seriously doubt much will come of it. »10/01/15 5:55pm10/01/15 5:55pm

If Biker Show Sons of Anarchy Gets a Video Game, It Won't be 'Some Slapcrap Browser Thing'

Back in February, word passed that Sons of Anarchy »5/11/12 8:01pm5/11/12 8:01pm, the biker-gang television series broadcast on FX in the United States, was exploring a video-game deal. It quickly followed that the talks might concern something less than the full retail release hardcore video gamers expected. Like a bullshit free-to-play browser…

This Samsung Xbox 360 TV Looks Fake (But It's Not A Bad Idea)

Earlier today, a tipster who wished to remain anonymous sent us the above pic, something he claimed was the Samsung "X-Series" LCD TV. According to the tipster, the television would be the "first on market" to integrate Xbox 360 hardware when it shipped this November in the United States and Europe. The TV was… »6/27/08 5:40pm6/27/08 5:40pm