Damn, This Afghan Guy Looks Like Bruce Lee 

This is 20 year-old Abbas Alizada. He totally looks like Bruce Lee, from his physical features to his ability to pull off martial arts moves. It's no surprise that the Kabul native's nickname is "Afghan Bruce Lee." » 12/10/14 7:20am 12/10/14 7:20am

Putting Bruce Lee Against Real UFC Fighters Is Kinda Creepy, Guys

Bruce Lee's been in video games before. But his latest appearance as a playable character—in EA's upcoming UFC game—just feels weird. » 6/09/14 3:33pm 6/09/14 3:33pm

Celebrity Toy Story Is NSFW

And it's definitely not safe for children, either—these action figures of famous celebrities and characters are troublemakers. The real Toy Story looks so wholesome by comparison! » 2/05/14 2:00pm 2/05/14 2:00pm

Got $40,000? Buy Bruce Lee's Shrunken Yellow Jump Suit

I Don't Think I've Ever Swooned Over An Action Figure Before

Yearned for, yes. But swoon? It takes a rare figure - and a rare subject matter - to do that. Something Enterbay's Bruce Lee piece does with ease. » 11/28/13 3:00am 11/28/13 3:00am

Sleeping Dogs Goes for the Full Bruce Lee with Today’s Zodiac…

In Sleeping Dogs, you could get a outfit that was basically what Bruce Lee wore in Game of Death. And lead character Wei Shen kicked ass in a way that paid homage to the martial arts icon. Now, the next big add-on for Square Enix' open-world hit goes even further into the funky world of 1970s kung-fu cinema with … » 12/19/12 10:00am 12/19/12 10:00am

I Didn't Know Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris Requires So Much Button…

In 1972, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris faced off in Way of the Dragon » 9/12/12 6:45am 9/12/12 6:45am. Here, that fight has been reimagined as a style quick time event.