Brett Favre may have actually retired this week. For good. To give you an idea of just how long this guy has been playing football, check out what he was doing on draft day back in 1991. » 1/05/11 9:30am 1/05/11 9:30am

Vikings Long Snapper Is Pissed He's Not In Madden

Pity the poor long snapper - the special-teams player who, unlike the kicker, both gets dirty and speaks English. Also, unlike the kicker, he rarely shows up in Madden NFL. Cullen Loeffler hasn't made the game in seven years. » 8/24/10 6:30pm 8/24/10 6:30pm

EA Sports "Monitoring" Favre Situation

Brett Favre's officially on the Minnesota Vikings - in Madden NFL 11's launch version. If he retires, the first roster update will drop him from the game, making him unavailable in multiplayer. How soon after the Aug. 10 release will that first update come? "We are monitoring the situation, and will detail our plans… » 8/03/10 5:40pm 8/03/10 5:40pm

Madden 11 Demo Could Be Your Last Chance to See Brett Favre

Ordinarily, sports demos match up the participants of the championship game from the preceding year. This time EA Sports is putting its Madden NFL 11 pairing up to a vote, raising the possibility of an intriguing outcome. » 3/30/10 7:20pm 3/30/10 7:20pm

EA Considered Booting Favre from Madden Cover

Seems only the fawning sports press has love for Brett Favre anymore. He's worn out his welcome in New York, and now comes word Electronic Arts considered pulling him from the Madden 09 cover. » 2/08/09 1:30pm 2/08/09 1:30pm

Madden 09 Gets A Splash Of Pink

Throughout the month of October, a limited edition Madden NFL 09 Pink » 10/02/08 9:00pm 10/02/08 9:00pm version will be available, with proceeds going to the Deanna Favre HOPE Foundation. This is coinciding with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and will be available only at Target and NFLShop.com. Besides a new box art, there will be no other…

Brett Farve? No EA, It's Brett Favre

"Brett" is easy to spell. B-r-e-t-t. "Favre", not so easily. But to review: F-a-v-r-e-. Not "Farve". If you're a football fan, you should know that. And if you're EA, you damn well should know that — especially because he's the coverboy! Reader Devon points out that Brett Favre's name is mispelled in the collector's… » 8/13/08 3:00am 8/13/08 3:00am

Sam's Club Prints Your New Madden Favre Cover While You Wait

Those of you planning to pick up your copy of Madden NFL 09 at your local Sam's Club may be in for a bit more value than the usual discounted prices. An official for the warehouse store dropped us a line this morning to let us know that Sam's Club locations with photo centers will print out a high-quality version of… » 8/12/08 1:40pm 8/12/08 1:40pm

First Look At New Brett Favre Madden Jets Cover!

Click to viewWhen Madden 09 coverboy Brett Favre announced his retirement from retirement and was traded to the Jets in early August, EA was left in a pickle! See, because Madden 09 had Favre in a Packers uniform. But, as we posted earlier, football fans who desire 100 percent accuracy in their Madden box art will be… » 8/11/08 10:00pm 8/11/08 10:00pm

Madden 09 Gets Favre Focused Roster, Cover Update

Former Packers QB Brett Favre has returned to the NFL, announcing his retirement from retirement and throwing a wrench into EA's plans to have him as cover boy for Madden NFL 09 » 8/07/08 4:40pm 8/07/08 4:40pm. Favre, photographed in his Packers uniform, is now , leading to a very important, last minute roster change. That change won't, however, of…