NBA Live 13 is, Basically, Delayed, Although This Trailer Suggests It Hasn't Been Canceled

NBA Live 13 »9/13/12 3:30pm9/13/12 3:30pm is effectively delayed indefinitely. While EA Sports may say the game isn't, technically, delayed because it was never given a release date, the publisher today acknowledged many had expected it to release Oct. 2 alongside competitor , and said it's giving the development team more time to shore up a…

Anonymous Claims PSN Hack Affecting 10 Million Accounts [Update: It's a Hoax]

Anonymous claims it broke into the PlayStation Network and has a 50 gigabyte database of email accounts and their passwords. Ten million accounts "are at risk," says the hacker involved. The passwords appear to be encrypted, and many of the accounts published in this document appear to be from northern Europe. This… »8/15/12 1:53pm8/15/12 1:53pm