Booth Babes? So 2012. Booth Bros Are Where It's At Now.

Whether they love them or hate them, video game industry watchers are well aware of booth babes, the women paid to wear revealing or form-fitting clothes and draw attention to various companies' wares. They've been the subject of scorn and missed connections. Now, people have different hotbodies to ogle. Male ones.… » 6/12/13 11:00pm 6/12/13 11:00pm

How China's Biggest Expo Polices Booth Babes

At this year's China Joy expo in Shanghai, booth companion Li Ling was booted » 8/02/12 7:20am 8/02/12 7:20am from the show after appearing in a . This was the latest China Joy crackdown on companion outfits—a that swung into full force last year.

Man Declares Love to Booth Babe and Is Taken Away by Security

At the recent China Joy gaming expo in Shanghai, a young man in mirrored sunglasses stormed the stage with a bouquet of roses that were made from 100 yuan bills. He presented the roses to a booth companion and confessed his love to her. She didn't exactly seem pleased and neither did show security.

The man, who's been … » 7/31/12 7:30am 7/31/12 7:30am

These Guys Took Their Missed E3 Booth Babe Connections to Craigslist

If you've attended E3, chances are you've probably had some interaction with booth babes. There's simply no avoiding them, even if they are one of the tackier aspects of gaming's biggest convention. » 6/08/12 4:00pm 6/08/12 4:00pm

E3 Makes Me Really Appreciate the PAX Ban on Booth Babes

The Penny Arcade gang aren't exactly known for their tactful and effective approach to gender relations. But PAX, on both coasts, does do one thing right: they forbid exhibitors from hiring scantily clad models who don't know anything about the products just to attract visitors. In other words: no booth babes. » 6/06/12 5:30pm 6/06/12 5:30pm

Will Things Get Harder For China's Booth Babes?

For years, ChinaJoy, the country's premiere gaming show, rolled out girls in skimpy outfits and heels to promote games. But year after year, the games continue to move into the background, and the ChinaJoy booth companions move to the forefront. » 2/18/11 5:00am 2/18/11 5:00am