Defeating Enemies Increases Your Bust Size in This Game

D3 Publisher hasn’t always been the most subtle developer with games like the Dream Club series and Metal Gear Panty-er I mean Summer-Colored High School. Their new upcoming game for the PS Vita, Omega Labyrinth carries on the D3 Publisher traditional unhindged libido wackiness with an unhealthy obsession with boobs. »8/20/15 6:30am8/20/15 6:30am

Playboy's December Issue Undresses The "Girls Of Gaming"

It's that time of the year again, the season when video game marketing departments ask the art staff to whip up a naked version — as if someone on staff didn't have one squirreled away — of the heroine or sidekick appearing in their latest non-triple-A game and send it to Playboy magazine. The men's mag has shipped… »11/17/08 8:40pm11/17/08 8:40pm