Bloodborne’s DLC Is The Game’s Toughest Challenge Yet

It’s been almost eight months since the release of Bloodborne, From Software’s excellent reinvention of the formula it developed with Demon’s Souls. That formula? Kick your ass until you learn from your mistakes. Bloodborne’s sole DLC, The Old Hunters, doesn’t deviate from this; it’s more hardcore than ever. »Monday 10:00am11/23/15 10:00am

Bloodborne Used To Wreck Me. Now, I'm Wrecking Bloodborne

Once more unto the breach, dear hunters. Bloodborne’s DLC expansion hits next week, and while I can’t talk about The Old Hunters yet, its impending arrival prompted a return to From Software’s bloody action game. Specifically, I dove into New Game Plus mode. You know what? This game’s still frickin’ amazing. »11/19/15 3:20pm11/19/15 3:20pm

Sony Games Boss' Bonus Bloodborne Strategy: E-mailing The Devs For Help

Power can give you an advantage in life. Let’s say, for example, you’re Shuhei Yoshida, avid gamer who happens to also be the head of Sony’s PlayStation game development studios worldwide. And say you’re stuck in a particularly difficult game. Maybe the PS4-exclusive Bloodborne. What to do? »6/26/15 12:15pm6/26/15 12:15pm