Blizzard and Valve Stop Fighting, Make Peace over DoTA Dispute

Two of gaming's best and most beloved video game studios are no longer squabbling about the word DoTA. The makers of World of Warcraft and the creators of Half-Life jointly announced in a blast to the press today that they have reached "a mutual agreement regarding concerns over names of upcoming products." » 5/11/12 5:15pm 5/11/12 5:15pm

This is Blizzard DOTA's Character-Packed Trailer

It's a Blizzfan's wet dream come true as iconic characters from various universes take armies into battle against each other in Blizzard DOTA. While it's known that Blizzard's working on a MOBA-style game, no one would've predicted that it was going to look anything like this. Watch the trailer that accompanied the… » 10/21/11 3:40pm 10/21/11 3:40pm