Call of Duty: Black Ops Nabs 'Most Pirated Game of 2010' Distinction

Not only is Call of Duty: Black Ops one of the fastest selling video games of all time, racking up more than a billion dollars in sales in 2010, it's also impressively enough one of the most illegally downloaded. » 12/28/10 9:00pm 12/28/10 9:00pm

Net Neutrality Dealt A Severe Blow As Comcast Wins FCC Appeal

Comcast customers have reason to be nervous today, as a federal appeals court rules that the Federal Communications Commission doesn't have the authority to enforce Net Neutrality on internet providers. » 4/06/10 12:40pm 4/06/10 12:40pm

Spore Cracked And Torrented, Already

Well, it had to happen - Spore has hit the intertorrents. Pirates are downloading spores through the intricate series of tubes we call the internet. It seems as though some stores in Australia have been selling advance copies of the game a few days before the official release date. Over the weekend, a Warez group… » 9/03/08 7:20pm 9/03/08 7:20pm