Classic Video Game Protagonists As Wacky Cartoon Characters

What would those classic characters—such as Jazz Jackrabbit, or Cool Spot above—have looked if they were on TV, starring in Saturday morning shows? German comic artist Dirk Erik Schulz gives us the answer by reimagining 24 of them in that exact style. » 4/22/14 9:20am 4/22/14 9:20am

Michel Ancel Sure Is Saying Some Stuff About Beyond Good & Evil 2

Okay, okay. This is one of those times where there's kinda no real "news," and yet it's still worth mentioning because, well, Beyond Good & Evil 2. » 7/17/13 7:00pm 7/17/13 7:00pm

Looks Like We've Got Some More Screens from Beyond Good & Evil 2

Allgamesbeta has posted three more shots from Beyond Good & Evil 2, which match the look of the image that turned up yesterday. » 5/10/12 5:45pm 5/10/12 5:45pm

Which Video Game Character Are You?

It's commenter Aikage's turn to play Speak Up on Kotaku again, or should I say Commander Aikage? He wants to know what video game character you relate to the most, and you're going to tell him. » 8/11/11 11:40am 8/11/11 11:40am

Beyond Good & Evil HD (Finally) Comes to the PS3 Next Week

Better late than never, the PSN release of Beyond Good & Evil HD, previously scheduled for May, will grace the PlayStation Store next Tuesday, June 28 in North America for $9.99 USD. Here's Kotaku's take on the XBLA version. [] » 6/22/11 4:40pm 6/22/11 4:40pm

Tease Yourself With Some Beyond Good & Evil HD Footage

We're pretty sure Beyond Good & Evil's HD re-release, due on the Xbox 360 very soon, is going to play well. We've, uh, played the game before. But how it looks will be just as important to some people. » 1/06/11 7:00am 1/06/11 7:00am

See Beyond Good & Evil HD In (Most Of) Its 1080p Glory

Sadly, this is off-screen footage of the game, not raw, delicious high-definition video, but you can still see that Beyond Good & Evil is looking quite nice at a more contemporary resolution. » 10/07/10 2:00am 10/07/10 2:00am

Beyond Good & Evil In High Definition Looks Like...This

The good news? Beyond Good & Evil is getting a high definition makeover on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The better news? Here are the game's first screenshots. » 10/01/10 12:00am 10/01/10 12:00am

Beyond Good & Evil Getting HD Re-Release

Beyond Good & Evil, one of the best (and yet under-appreciated) games of the previous hardware generation, is to receive a well-deserved re-release in high definition, Ubisoft has revealed. » 9/30/10 5:00am 9/30/10 5:00am Puts Good Old Games On Sale For The Holidays

DRM-free classic PC game store is rolling out deals for the holiday season, with up to 40% off 171 titles, including Duke Nukem 3D, Freespace 2, Fallout, and Beyond Good & Evil, with free Tex Murphy for everyone. » 12/21/09 2:00pm 12/21/09 2:00pm