10 Classic Dr. Strange Storylines That Would Be Perfect For Cumberbatch

At long last, we know who's playing Dr. Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, in Marvel's upcoming movie, due Nov. 2016. But who is Dr. Strange? And what's so great about him? We've rounded up eight fantastic storylines about the surgeon-turned-wizard that are both awesome, and provide great material for Benedict Cumberbatch. » 12/10/14 12:44pm 12/10/14 12:44pm

Hear Benedict Cumberbatch's Dragon Voice in the New Hobbit Trailer

We've seen Smaug's scaly grin, now hear the voice Benedict Cumberbatch crafted for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in this brand new trailer, plus a whole lot of new footage. » 10/01/13 3:19pm 10/01/13 3:19pm

Here's That Sherlock Footage. It's Kind of Disappointing.

I sort of regret talking up this new footage from Sherlock season 3 yesterday, because with all said and done today there's not really that much to it. Still, a little Cumberbatch is better than no Cumberbatch at all, right? » 9/01/13 6:30pm 9/01/13 6:30pm

New Sherlock Footage Debuts Tomorrow

If you're anywhere near as obsessed with the BBC's Sherlock as I am, then you'll be thrilled to know that new footage will debut in the morning. Season 2 ended on something of a cliffhanger, and we're all waiting eagerly to see how exactly things will resume. » 8/31/13 8:00pm 8/31/13 8:00pm

Oh God, What's Benedict Cumberbatch's Face Doing On All These Pokémon?

First there was Nic Cage on Pokemon, and THAT was strange enough. Or so you'd think. Turns out that Pokemon's faces can get a little more alien, all with the help of the Pokebatchichooseyou Tumblr. » 3/22/13 9:00pm 3/22/13 9:00pm