10 Years Of Bejeweled, 1,000 Years Of Lost Productivity

PopCap kicks off a ten month long tenth birthday celebration today for Bejeweled, the causal gaming sensation that's sold more than 50 million units and stifled the productivity of an entire generation. » 2/10/10 11:40am 2/10/10 11:40am

Square Enix Creates Puzzle RPG With A Bejeweled Twist

What do you get when the puzzle game masters at PopCap team up with RPG kings Square Enix for a Puzzle-RPG for Xbox Live Arcade and Steam? Sounds like countless productive hours lost to me. » 9/24/09 2:00pm 9/24/09 2:00pm

Bejeweled Twist Launches, Revolutionizes Gem Swapping

One of PopCap Games biggest money makers got a sequel in Bejeweled Twist » 10/28/08 10:00pm 10/28/08 10:00pm yesterday, with the gem swapping, color matching king of casual games officially launching on PopCap's web site. You may not be excited, but the bean counters at PopCap and millions of cubicle-bound workers looking to shirk for just $19.95 are .…

Bejeweled Twist Will Make Casual Games History

Bejeweled » 9/29/08 9:30pm 9/29/08 9:30pm is a big, big deal. It's also a big money maker, with casual gamers dropping a mind-blowing $300 million on the game over the course of 's eight-year existence across every platform PopCap Games can squeeze the game onto. The publisher is hoping to keep that money train a-rollin', announcing , a new game in…