Is This Gameloft's Team Fortress 2 or Battlefield Heroes?

Can't it be both? Coming soon to iOS and Android, Blitz Brigade is a team-based online multiplayer shooter. It's set during World War II (can't you tell?) and features vehicular combat, five character classes, single-player challenges and trailer music that sounds like it's being performed by a Team Fortress 2 cover… »1/29/13 10:55am1/29/13 10:55am

Chinese TF2 Knockoff Drafts Tomb Raider Alum to Vouch for It

Ahem. Well, back in July, we were introduced to Final Combat, China's homage to ripoff of Team Fortress 2. The game won't have a western release, but for any Chinese who managed to defeat the Baidu censorship and learn of the game's true origins, we have Troy Horton, formerly of the Tomb Raider series, to vouch for… »9/28/11 8:30pm9/28/11 8:30pm