Battlefield Players Keep Finding Weird Mysteries, Including A Yeti

Forget shooting. One of the most interesting aspects of Battlefield—aside from the incredible large scale moments you can experience while playing—are all the curious easter eggs and alternate reality games that players keep finding. » 3/27/14 4:30pm 3/27/14 4:30pm

EA: Battlefield 4 Is 'An Exceedingly Successful Product'

Two of EA's biggest games had rough launches last year, and although SimCity seems to be in a stable place right now, the Battlefield 4 issues (and patches) continue—to the point where EA won't work on downloadable content for their shooter until everything is fixed. » 2/11/14 3:30pm 2/11/14 3:30pm

Why China Banned Battlefield 4, Modern Warfare 2, and 40 Other Games

Censorship is a pervasive issue all across the world, but nowhere is it more evident than it is in China. Here, media content falls under extreme scrutiny before it can be released to the public, and video games are no different. » 12/30/13 6:00am 12/30/13 6:00am