The Worst Thing about this Bane Figure: There's Only One

Jeopardy Contestant Tries a Bane Impersonation

Sure, you can answer a Jeopardy question like a regular, normal human being. Or you could answer it in the voice of Bane, like a real champ does. » 12/20/13 3:30pm 12/20/13 3:30pm

Spot the Comics References in the The Dark Knight Rises’ Newest Trailer

If you know your Bat-continuity, then the latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises » 6/19/12 3:00pm 6/19/12 3:00pm appears to be chock full of nods to various Dark Knight storylines over the years. There's an apparent earthquake and a scene where Gotham gets cut off from the rest of the world. Those moments along with rioting in streets hint at…

The Dark Knight Rises Gets the Taiwanese CGI Treatment

The first The Dark Knight Rises trailer was just a tease, but this one really gives the people what they want. Bane, the return of The Joker and even some Cat Woman S&M action. If this doesn't get you excited for the end of the Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy, nothing will. » 7/27/11 11:00am 7/27/11 11:00am

Bane, A Giant Green Baseball, Show Up In The New DC Universe Screens

Turns out it is easy being green. The newest DC Universe images give us a pretty good idea of what's possible with the green guy's powers in the new Fight for the Light update. Giant fists too traditional? Why not put your enemy into a man-sized green baseball? » 7/21/11 12:20pm 7/21/11 12:20pm

Arkham Asylum's Director Ponders Game Starring ... Bane?

Generally, the reason you adapt a comic book franchise for a video game is because its most recognizable characters help drive its sales. Bane, while familiar to the Batcore, probably doesn't have much of a Q-score with the general public. » 3/23/10 10:00pm 3/23/10 10:00pm

Bane Goes Wild In Arkham Asylum

Once again one of Batman's most intelligent villains is reduced to a ravening juggernaut of destruction, as Bane makes a smashing appearance in Batman: Arkham Asylum. » 4/15/09 4:20pm 4/15/09 4:20pm