And Now, The World’s Most Terrifyingly Inappropriate Minecraft Videos

Last week, I took a moment to explain why Minecraft, the world's biggest video game, sucks hard balls. And in my "research" for that post (five minutes), I found a number of Minecraft recreations of 9/11 over on YouTube. All of these tributes are misguided at best and tasteless at worst … »3/11/15 2:07pm3/11/15 2:07pm

Rapper Gets Kicked Out of Microsoft Store Mid-Performance After Smashing The Computers [Update]

There are many things in the world that go together beautifully. Chocolate and mint, for example. Or coffee and anything. Then there are some things that are much more questionable. Like, say, The Microsoft Store and live performances. Especially live rap performances on the shelves where the expensive computers sit. »10/03/12 4:00pm10/03/12 4:00pm