Oh No, Attack On Titan Shouldn't Be Nearly This Cute

At its heart, Attack On Titan is incredibly unsettling. I mean, it's about giant humanoids eating humans for seemingly no reason whatsoever; of course it's unnerving. So you look at this animation by riseken—which recreates some of the early plot of Attack on Titan—and you're just like, wow, it should be wrong to… »8/30/13 8:30pm8/30/13 8:30pm

The Internet Unites To Talk About Video Games They Grew Up With

Twitter's trending topics—subjects or phrases that the social network is buzzing about at any given moment—are sometimes based on big news headlines. Sometimes they spring from live events or tragic catastrophes, as everyone rushes to make the first supremely clever joke about Kim Kardashian. And sometimes they're… »9/27/12 5:00pm9/27/12 5:00pm