Watch the Dragon Pop Out of Someone's Chest With This 3DS Augmented…

So, we've seen the 3DS's augmented reality games played on an iPhone, on an Android phone and on a white board. We've seen giant cards spawn giant Miis and Marios. Now, thanks to this t-shirt, you may see the AR dragon pop out of someone's chest. » 4/07/11 6:00pm 4/07/11 6:00pm

There Are Huge 3DS AR Cards. They Make Life-Sized Miis.

The 3DS uses small credit-card sized augmented reality (AR) cards for the title AR Games, but Nintendo is currently developing AR cards that are able to reproduce life-sized characters. Here Nintendo president Satoru Iwata poses with his jumbo Mii. Japan's Club Nintendo members will get the chance to snag special "big"… » 3/10/11 9:15am 3/10/11 9:15am