Snoop Dogg Explains Why His Virtual Weed Costs Nearly $100

Back when we first covered the "Snoopify" app—which lets you stamp Snoop Dogg-themed stickers on personal pictures—it was hard not get stuck on just how much a digital joint sticker cost. Last night, Snoop Dogg showed off the app on Conan, and he explained why it costs so much. » 12/10/13 12:00pm 12/10/13 12:00pm

The Best Black Friday App Deals

Black Friday's not just for real-world goods; it's also arguably the biggest day of the year for sales on great apps. We've listed a ton of the best deals below, and we'll add more as we see them. If you know of any we missed, let us know in the comments! » 11/29/13 11:56am 11/29/13 11:56am

In the App Store Economy, Only Suckers Pay Retail

On the off chance you missed it, you might be interested to know that there's an unprecedented sale going on right now in the App Store. Apps that yesterday were 10 or 20 dollars are free today. Your first reaction is great. Your second, if you're anything like me, is but I just bought these. And that's because we're… » 7/08/13 3:09pm 7/08/13 3:09pm

Today's Super Addictive iPhone Game Might Be Tomorrow's Disaster IPO

Zynga went public over the popularity of a few hit Facebook games, and is now in the process of collapsing into a mush pit. Now the makers of Candy Crush Saga, the jellybean puzzle game gripping the brains of America, are plotting an IPO, the Wall Street Journal reports. First as tragedy, then as farce. » 6/18/13 11:59am 6/18/13 11:59am

DC Just Announced Plans For Choose Your Own Adventure Style Digital…

When the big two introduced motion comics a few years back, everyone had a good laugh at how terrible they were. They were difficult to read, watch and, generally, sucked all-around. Tonight in New York, DC is fixing all that and taking it a step further with DC2 (aka Dynamic Content) and DC2 Multiverse technology with … » 6/04/13 6:45pm 6/04/13 6:45pm

A Wretched Hive of Scum and Gaming Apps

Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the Week in Gaming Apps. Its continuing mission — to explore strange new apps, seek out new games and game applications; to boldly make thematically incorrect quotes in an article with a Star Wars title. » 11/09/12 5:30pm 11/09/12 5:30pm

Four Splendid Gaming Apps... and NFL Pro 2013

As Owen Good often reminds us, not every Gaming App of the Day is a good one. For every Bad Piggies, The Room or Bar Story 2 there are a dozen NFL Pro 2013s, and he seems to wind up playing them all. » 9/28/12 5:00pm 9/28/12 5:00pm

Airplanes and Monsters in the Week in Gaming Apps, I Could Really Use…

Witch right now. Witch right now. I could use some spears or some monsters or a witch, or to get back to some gaming apps much simpler than this. Because after all the crashin' and matchin' and thrashin', the monster bombin' and the droppin' and hack-and-slashin'... Okay, that's enough of that. It's the Week in Gaming… » 8/03/12 5:00pm 8/03/12 5:00pm

In The Future, Even Dating Is An App. And It Runs On Your Eyeballs.

I can't decide whether this is incredibly terrifying, or incredibly cool. I'm pretty sure it's a mix of the two.

This futuristic world—represented in this video project created by graduates of Bezaleal Academy of Arts—is probably a fairly accurate reflection on our current relationship with technology, though less… » 7/27/12 11:00am 7/27/12 11:00am