Totaka's Song Spotted In Animal Crossing: City Folk

Quick history lesson! Nintendo sound director and musician Kazumi Totaka is the man behind the music behind a lot of your favourite Nintendo games. A cute little touch Totaka blesses each of his games with is "Totaka's Song", a 19-note melody that you'll find in every game he's done the music for. Here's a recap » 11/24/08 3:00am 11/24/08 3:00am.…

Now Nintendo Are Going After Used Games

Well, not games per se. Hardware. The Wii Speak peripheral, which is due to hit shelves any day now, is the latest item to take the fight » 11/12/08 10:20pm 11/12/08 10:20pm to used games. How? Included with the microphone is a download coupon for the Wii Speak Channel, which you'll if you want to use the device outside of games. That coupon is the …

Animal Crossing City Folk Given Pointless Australian Renaming

Great, another unnecessary name change for a Nintendo game in Australia! Earlier this year, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin » 9/15/08 3:00am 9/15/08 3:00am was renamed down under (and in Europe), for no reason. Now, is getting the same treatment! The game's listing on the Office of Film & Literature Classification has it titled . Maybe "City Folk"…

PAX Impressions: Video Game Hands-On Blitz

Another Penny Arcade Expo come and gone and I find myself on my couch trying to remember the games I saw, the things I did and the people I talked over the last three days. I can sort out the panels from the events and the events from the experience – but beneath all of that is the most important part of PAX – the… » 9/01/08 8:00pm 9/01/08 8:00pm

Animal Crossing: City Folk Trailer, Screens, Release Date

Click to viewAnimal Crossing for the Wii? We're shocked. Never saw that one coming. Now that it's been announced, and it's real, may as well look at this clip and these screens and see whether our earlier thoughts - that this would look indistinguishable from Animal Crossing on the GameCube, only now with a bus - were… » 7/15/08 9:45pm 7/15/08 9:45pm