Angry Birds Star Wars Hits Consoles in October. It's Got Multiplayer.

Angry Birds vaulted to megahit success on smartphones. If you’ve been in a plane, train or automobile with more than two people, chances are one of them had it on their phone. But Activision’s started bringing Rovio’s successful franchise to home gaming machines last year with Angry Birds Trilogy. This year, they’re… » 7/18/13 9:40am 7/18/13 9:40am

Angry Birds Star Wars II Coming In September, With A Skylanders Twist

As expected, last week's Rovio tease has coalesced into the prequel-chronicling Angry Birds Star Wars II, complete with a damn Jar Jar bird. Significantly less expected is the integration of Hasbro's Telepods technology, beaming in powerful characters via physical toys, Skylanders style. » 7/15/13 9:11am 7/15/13 9:11am

Star Wars Brings Out the Very Best in Angry Birds

Everything is better with Star Wars. Anyone that's ever cut a graceful arc through the air with a vaguely saber-shaped object while making whooshing noises knows this. Dogs know this. Pizza lovers know this. Even Disney know this. » 11/08/12 11:30am 11/08/12 11:30am