Let's Watch The Walking Dead's Carl Play League Of Legends

Having spent four seasons watching the once bright-eyed son of Rick Grimes harden under the weight of the zombie apocalypse, seeing actor Chandler Riggs clicking away on a mouse in the lower right corner of a League of Legends stream on Twitch is just surreal. » 4/12/14 12:20am 4/12/14 12:20am

Hunting Down The Fourth Season Of The Walking Dead Action Figures

With the fourth season of AMC's hit television series underway and the promise of the second round of comic-based interactive adventure coming from Telltale, it's the perfect time to peruse the painted plastic people (living and dead) of McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead series four TV figures. » 10/29/13 10:00pm 10/29/13 10:00pm

If nothing else, the Walking Dead season 4 trailer is phenomenal

I feel like a fool for even saying it, but is it possible that The Walking Dead will finally be as great as it should be? If this 4-minute season 4 trailer is at all accurate, then the answer might be yes. » 7/19/13 8:12pm 7/19/13 8:12pm

The Walking Dead Social Game Finally Makes it to Atlanta

When last we left the Facebook game based on The Walking Dead television show it was pretty horrible. Shane, Lori and Carl were in a hellish limbo somewhere on the highway to Atlanta, walking endlessly but never getting even a step closer. Chapter 2 is here, allowing them to move on to even more horrible situations. » 10/16/12 4:55pm 10/16/12 4:55pm

The Walking Dead First-Person Shooter Begets a Most Gruesome Comic-Con…

There was no doubt in my mind that the first-person shooter based on AMC's The Walking Dead television series would generate some truly horrific swag. I just didn't think it would show up so soon. Activision gives fans four earfuls at San Diego Comic-Con this week. » 7/09/12 9:00am 7/09/12 9:00am

If Any Property Needs "Deluxe Plug It In & Play TV Games" It's The…

When you're constantly on the room from hordes of flesh-hungry zombies and the desperate remnants of humanity you don't have time to lug around an entire game console just to recreate the experience. That's the only way I can make sense of "Deluxe Plug It In & Play TV Games" based on AMC's The Walking Dead. » 1/09/12 8:30am 1/09/12 8:30am

In Crystal Meth Wonderland You Can Play Rage With a Light Gun

Dealing with the guilt of shooting someone in the head, Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman winds down with the special light gun version of id Software's Rage. » 8/29/11 1:40pm 8/29/11 1:40pm

The Walking Dead Season 2 Ditches Atlanta and Perhaps Hope

In case you forgot why you were so anxious to continue watching The Walking Dead when it ended last season, here's a stark, brutal reminder. » 7/22/11 5:40pm 7/22/11 5:40pm

Next Week on Breaking Bad: Blow Versus Zombies

In next week's episode of the AMC hit Breaking Bad, Jesse convinces two of his pals to dip into a little cocaine, spawning an insightful conversation about Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil 4, and Call of Duty: World at War. » 7/18/11 5:20pm 7/18/11 5:20pm

Does Breaking Bad Now Star Video Game's Lost Hero?

This poster, recently slapped up on the walls of some of New York City's subway stations, advertises the next season of AMC's Breaking Bad. But gamers like me who look at it will probably see something else. » 6/23/11 2:20pm 6/23/11 2:20pm