Atari Gamer’s Day Roundup

September is turning out to be a hell of a month. A hurricane is heading for my homestead, my dental appointment got pushed to the morning after the Atari event and Atari fell the day after the Guitar Hero event I’m not allowed to talk about until next week. Which happens to be right when I start Stanford. I’m going to … » 9/12/08 8:20pm 9/12/08 8:20pm

Alone in the Dark on PS3 – If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

And if it is, fix the hell » 9/12/08 10:00am 9/12/08 10:00am out of it. That’s exactly what developer Eden Games did following the overwhelming bitch storm that followed the PC and 360 release of the much-anticipated Alone in the Dark. We all know the story: fiddly controls, broken gameplay mechanics and a truly agonizing root-hunting sequence that…

What's New In Alone In The Dark PS3?

With the PlayStation 3 version of Alone in the Dark hitting in November » 9/05/08 11:40am 9/05/08 11:40am, nearly half a year after its PC, Xbox 360, Wii, and PS2 versions, the development team have had plenty of time to fix the mistakes made in the initial release, and fix they have. Repairs have been made to the controls, the camera system, and…

Yes, Alone in the Dark 360 is Being Patched

Pretty much anyone who reviewed Alone in the Dark on the Xbox 360 » 8/23/08 4:00pm 8/23/08 4:00pm heaped hatred on the game's controls and camera system, and developer Eden Studios have learned their lesson. Not only is the forthcoming PS3 version going to have better movement and non-claustrophobic views, the 360 will get a patch that Eurogamer…

PS3 Owners Alone In The Dark Come November

Atari's latest update of the Alone in the Dark franchise turned out to be a love it or hate it sort of affair upon its release last month, with reviewers and regular old gamers alike taking up positions so far from the fence that they couldn't even find each other to argue over it. Now Atari has revealed that… » 7/25/08 11:40am 7/25/08 11:40am