The Horde And Alliance Battle Over Bikes In Azeroth Choppers

With American Chopper having been off the air since 2012 and nothing pressing happening with the World of Warcraft team other than a major expansion pack, now's the perfect time for Blizzard to tap world-famous motorized bicycle designer Paul Teutul, Jr. for a web-based reality show. It's Azeroth Choppers, you guys. » 4/17/14 4:05pm Thursday 4:05pm

Man Explains Why He Slept with WoW Guild Members

A chat log in which a Chinese gamer discussed his one-night stands has gone viral in China. In the chat log, the gamer dished on sleeping with several female guild members. The gamer was asked, "So you switched servers and came into our guild just to do our girls?" His reply was simply, "For the Alliance." » 2/04/13 5:00am 2/04/13 5:00am