Valve fixed one of my big issues with Steam Machines... kinda.

Valve fixed one of my big issues with Steam Machines... kinda. Games with their own launchers (e.g. Trine 3, Starbound, and Evoland) won’t, well, launch. Valve has removed the SteamOS-compatible tag from around 35 games. Some devs are working on new launchers. Fingers crossed that everything’s resolved by release day. »10/19/15 2:32pm10/19/15 2:32pm

Today's the Day You Can Pay for a Steam Machine

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will do their damnest to sell you on PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii. But maybe, you’ll have already spent your money on an alternative game console: a Steam Machine. Today, you can pre-order the fabled Steam Controller, the Steam Link streamer, and one of two different Linux-based gaming PCs. »6/04/15 4:12pm6/04/15 4:12pm

The New Alienware Area-51 Is the Weirdest Gaming PC I’ve Ever Seen

Alienware is famous for two things. One: selling ever more powerful gaming computers. Two: making them look like they were designed by aliens. But its latest full-size desktop gaming PC isn't just another box sculpted to look like it's out of this world. In fact, the new Alienware Area-51 is trying to challenge the… »8/30/14 12:09pm8/30/14 12:09pm

Alienware's Hefty New Light-Up Laptops Are Available Right Now

It's E3, and along with the new consoles, we're also getting treated to a new line of Alienware laptops. The new trio of machines boast fresh 700M series Nvidia graphics and Intel's new 4th generation Haswell chips, along with a new look that's more like that X51 tower (which is getting its own guts update) but… »6/11/13 12:31am6/11/13 12:31am