Fake Mentally Disturbed Killer of the Week: Alice's Madness Never Left

"When is a cosplay not a cosplay?" queried the Mad Hatter, sipping lukewarm tea from a cracked and leaking cup. "When it's pay-per-use stock photography that someone put up for sale in case someone felt a pressing need for shots of a woman dressed as the lead character from American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns »8/20/12 5:00pm8/20/12 5:00pm?" I…

Alice: Madness Returns, Red Faction: Armageddon, Megadeth New This Week on the PlayStation Store

This week on the PlayStation store, the pickings are slimmer for new games than they've been, but there is still some fun stuff to be found. Alice: Madness Returns arrives as a downloadable game, with a full-game trial for PlayStation Plus users. Rocksmith owners will have a chance to download some killer Megadeth… »12/14/11 6:40pm12/14/11 6:40pm