Finally, Pirate Costumes Come To Xbox Avatars

For all their promise, the 360's avatars look a little...drab. This isn't 1998, Microsoft, nor the set of Frasier. Thankfully, Capcom are on the case, and with Crecente in mind will be releasing pirate costumes. » 3/20/09 2:00am 3/20/09 2:00am

PS3 Age Of Booty Gets Trophies And A Trial

Capcom just dropped us a line to let us know that the PlayStation 3 version of their real-time strategy pirate game Age of Booty has been updated with trophy support and a playable demo. » 3/05/09 1:40pm 3/05/09 1:40pm

Age Of Booty Sets Sail In October

Capcom's upcoming real-time strategy game makes a booty call on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network next month as Capcom announces the release dates for Age of Booty. The XBLA version will be available for download on the 15th of October, with the PSN version arriving a day later. They'll also be releasing… » 9/29/08 5:00pm 9/29/08 5:00pm

Jeff Gerstman and Capcom Get Plowed and Play Age of Booty

Get drunk and play video games? GREAT idea!! Why didn't I think of that? » 9/13/08 4:00pm 9/13/08 4:00pm At least Jeff Gerstmann and Brad Shoemaker at Giant Bomb slugged back the rum with Capcom's dev team, instead of the more antisocial drinkin'-alone thing. The two sides paired up with each other in a plunderin' and drinkin' contest, with the…

Capcom's Plunder Gets A Name Change

Capcom once had a game called Plunder. Pirate game, kind of like Settlers of Catan, only with swashbuckling. Due for release on XBLA, PSN and PC. I say once, however, because while the game itself is still coming, it's had an enforced name change. Seems something else had already trademarked the name Plunder, forcing… » 7/14/08 6:00am 7/14/08 6:00am