Saitek Aviator Flight Stick Review: Do A Barrel Roll!

Saitek's PC flight stick heritage merges with Mad Catz's console peripheral expertise to create the Saitek Aviator Flight Stick, containing all the controls you need to get your arcade flight games off the ground in style. » 12/18/09 5:40pm 12/18/09 5:40pm

Japan Gets New "Value" Elite Xbox 360 Bundle

On October 29, Microsoft is releasing a new Xbox 360 Elite bundle in Japan. Packaged with Lost Planet Colonies and Ace Combat 6, this "value pack" is priced at ¥29,800 (US$330). » 10/20/09 6:00am 10/20/09 6:00am

Ace Combat 6 Flightstick Bundle Triumpantly Returns

I got into Ace Combat 6 for the Xbox 360 far too late to get in on the hot, flightstick bundle action, and I've been regretting it for months now, especially considering the prices a used model of the special controller have been going for on eBay. Well these guys » 10/22/08 10:20am 10/22/08 10:20am are going to feel awfully silly now as Namco Bandai…

Japan Getting Another Xbox 360 Value Pack

Microsoft has announced another value pack for Japan. Last November, a bundle with Viva Piñata » 10/22/08 5:00am 10/22/08 5:00am and was released. This November 6th, a new value pack was drop. Priced at ¥29,800 (US$279), this bundle features a 60GB Xbox 360 along with and in the same game case.

Ace Combat 6 Trailer Really Does Make Things Better

Yes, yes, the Ace Combat 6 » 7/03/08 8:20am 7/03/08 8:20am trailer voice overs really do make everything better — even Hayao Miyazaki's classic . Hit the jump for the original trailer.

How Many Planes Do AC 6 Fans Need?

After my last Ace Combat 6 DLC post I finally went out and picked up the game, and after a few hours of play I was kicking myself for not grabbing it sooner. Against all sanity I even hopped online to download one of the gaudy Idolmaster planes - only to help me humiliate my foes online of course - and was floored by… » 5/21/08 1:20pm 5/21/08 1:20pm