Activision Subtracts From 7 Studios, Hits Ex-Scratch Dev With Layoffs

In April, publisher Activision purchased 7 Studios, then the developer of DJ Hero competitor Scratch the Ultimate DJ. Today, Kotaku has been told by sources close to the studio, it laid off an estimated 30 people from 7 Studios. » 10/06/09 5:40pm 10/06/09 5:40pm

Rumor: Scratch: The Ultimate DJ Has A New Developer

According to sources with knowledge of the game's development, Scratch: The Ultimate DJ has a brand new developer, with Bottlerocket Entertainment replacing former developers 7 Studios, who were recently sued by the game's publisher. » 4/21/09 4:30pm 4/21/09 4:30pm

Two Devs Sue Brash For Not Paying Up

Brash Entertainment are no more » 11/18/08 6:00am 11/18/08 6:00am. It's OK, your grief will pass. While you're waiting, know that two developers working with the now-defunct publisher are suing the company. 7 Studios - who were working on a game called 9, based on a cartoon produced by Tim Burton - are suing because Brash owe them $581,000. The other…

Scratch: Ultimate DJ Wikkiwikki-Wahs On To PS3 & 360

Looks like Activision » 10/08/08 5:30pm 10/08/08 5:30pm will have some competition in the turntablism music niche - Scratch: Ultimate DJ is a new contender from 7 Studios, produced with the help of Quincy Jones III (not that one, his son - still good, though). "Scratch will feature original recordings from the catalogs of many top urban artists and…