Reconsidering Mafia II in the Lights of L.A.

In the runup to the game's release last year, Mafia II's development studio and publicity team tried, with limited success, to set reasonable expectations of the game. "It isn't Grand Theft Auto," I was told, more than once, in emails and in the game's review notes. » 5/22/11 4:00pm 5/22/11 4:00pm

Tennis, Everyone Is The Name Of Top Spin's Latest Game

Well regarded as a series, Top Spin's last entry in 2008 took some risks that were, in hindsight, inadvisable for an American-published game simulating a sport that has lacked a dominant American men's professional for several years. 2K Sports' Top Spin 4 puts a focus back on playability, aligned to a sport that's… » 1/23/11 2:00pm 1/23/11 2:00pm

Review: Mafia II: Joe's Adventures — The Third Strike For A Repeat…

Mafia II returns to Empire Bay with "Joe's Adventures," the game's second paid DLC extension. Can its 24 new missions carry the game forward, or do they dwell on what made Mafia II a good-but-not-great action game? » 11/28/10 7:00pm 11/28/10 7:00pm

Mafia II's Next DLC Package Coming Nov. 23

"Joe's Adventures," a Mafia II DLC extension whose name has been known for some time, will arrive Nov. 23. A narrative flashback, you'll play as Joe Barbaro during the time the main game's protagonist, Vito Scaletta, is in prison. » 10/23/10 1:00am 10/23/10 1:00am

All 50 Playboy Centerfolds Of Mafia II

Mafia II's got some issues, but give the devil its due, it's got some nudity in it. Hot Blooded Gaming, to my knowledge, is the first to round up and gallerize all 50 of its collectible Playboy centerfolds. » 9/11/10 12:00pm 9/11/10 12:00pm

Mafia II: Jimmy's Vendetta Review: Sand And Fury

Mafia II's release was clouded by confusion over what "open-world" really meant. Some assumed it meant "sandbox," where Mafia II was anything but. Jimmy's Vendetta, the game's first batch of downloadable content offers more of what some had been expecting. » 9/10/10 7:30pm 9/10/10 7:30pm

Mafia II Review: Smelling The Roses In A Life Lived Too Fast

Morning. The phone rings, I answer. It's Joe, chirping the usual advice. Get dressed and get my gun. I go to the fridge instead for a Master Beer. In the bathroom I flip on the light. I flush the toilet. » 8/23/10 12:00pm 8/23/10 12:00pm

Mafia II Originally Had Four Endings

The problem is, says the game's producer, is that only one was really good. So 2K Games had three outcomes whacked and hardwired the upcoming game for just one conclusion. Sorry, alternate endings, it's just business. » 6/29/10 7:20pm 6/29/10 7:20pm

Mafia II Hands-On: The Scenic Route Is Full Of Centerfolds

What differentiates Mafia II from other open world gangster games, especially Take-Two's other popular driving and delinquency-filled Grand Theft Auto series? For one, Mafia II runs things at a slower, simpler place. It also has Playboy Playmates. » 3/15/10 10:00pm 3/15/10 10:00pm

Mafia II Delivers Room Service

Mafia II is a "buddy story," in the words of Producer Denby Grace – a tale of a mid-50s era mobster protecting his family and The Family in the face of organized crime. » 4/27/09 3:01am 4/27/09 3:01am

Extended Mafia II Trailer, Now With Commentary

Remember the Mafia II trailer that was release during last year's Spike VGA Awards? Now it's back, with an extended anding and a written commentary from 2K Czech's lead animator, Tomas Hrebicek. » 1/15/09 11:20am 1/15/09 11:20am