In cake form, of course!


According to Insight and Extreme Movie, two kinds of Devil’s Fruit cake have gone on sale, each priced at 50,000 Korean Won (US$41). Apparently, there were only a limited number offered, first come first serve basis at the end of last year.

Two kinds were offered: Gomu Gomu no Mi, which makes your body rubbery, and Mera Mera no Mi, which lets you control fire.


Make that, in One Piece and not in real life. Sorry!

I do know that they really look like Devil’s Fruit.


I really am impressed. Though, I am easily impressed.

Nom nom nom.

You can cut it.

The inside sure looks tasty.

I want this in my belly.

Ideal for birthdays and get togethers, I guess!

Or, better yet, pretending you’re Monkey D. Luffy.

[Image: Extreme Movie]



The Mera Mera no Mi cake looks delicious, too.

Top image: Extreme Movie

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