The Titles Pokémon X/Y Were Predicted in 2008. Maybe as a Joke. Think back to 2008. That September, Pokémon Platinum , an enhanced version of Pokémon Diamond/Pearl , hit shops in Japan. Yet, people online made one sort of accurate prediction—and one very accurate prediction. People? Sorry, I meant soothsayers .

On Yahoo! Japan's questions section, someone asked what people thought the next Pocket Monster installment would be titled. Then, that same individual added that he or she thought there was going to be a remake of Gold, predicting it would be called Pokémon Sun Gold/Moon Silver. After that, the new Pocket Monsters would be Pokémon: Amethyst/Topaz (though "Topaz" was misspelled in Japanese). This earnest individual seems to have really thought about this!

"Pocket Monster God of Wind/God of Thunder," quipped one answer. "I think it will be Pocket Monster Gold/Silver", replied another. Then, there was this:


The Titles Pokémon X/Y Were Predicted in 2008. Maybe as a Joke.

In October 2008, Yahoo user Deadevil2002 apparently wrote, Pocket Monster X/Y, nailing the name of the newest Pocket Monster games five years later. This seems to be a wisecrack reply. Below that is another wry reply, Pocket Monster Right/Left. What, no one wanted to write Pokémon Up/Down?

「ポケットモンスターシリーズ」の次回作のタイトルを予想してください。 僕は金... [Yahoo! Japan via 秒刊SUNDAY]

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