Meet the Official China Gundam. It Will Become a Giant Statue. Remember the China Gundam ? That totally unlicensed orange Gundam statue that popped up a few years back. This is not that. This is a totally official Gundam statue that's coming to China.

For the upcoming China International Animation, Cartoon and Game Fair, which runs July 12-16 in Shanghai, Bandai Namco is erecting a RX-78-2 Gundam China Special statue that will be nearly 20-feet tall and feature exterior coloring design by Beijing Yankai Cultural Development Co., which creates the Chinese Mobile Suit Gundam UC comic series.

A 1/100 scale model of the statue (above) is also planned. Priced at 420 yuan (US$66), the limited edition statue is available from Bandai's official shop on China's Taobao e-commerce site. Pre-orders start July 12.


全高約6メートルのガンダム立像が中国に登場 [Gigazine]