COLOGNE, GERMANY - The semi-official Rage ride, as occupied by two lounging models and as seen at Germany's Gamescom convention. (Photo by Michael McWhertor)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: The Kotaku Review

I opened the box, and within it discovered a sheaf of love letters. There I was, hunched in the corner of my attic storage space, the afternoon light taking on a voluminous, golden quality as it cast rays through ten years' worth of dust. More »

An Exclusive Tour of Valve Software, the Place Where Portal, Half-Life, and Team Fortress Come to Life

Valve Software's Chet Faliszek recently gave me a tour of his company's Belleveue headquarters, a final act of kindness during a visit in which Chet also let me play Counter-Strike: More »

A PC Gamer Dragged Kicking and Screaming Into the Digital Age

In today's digital-only edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter TaylorEatWorld tries to find a physical copy of a hit PC game, not knowing what a monumental challenge that is these days. More »

"Fired for Planking" Is More Complicated Than You Think

About a month ago, we got an email from our reader John Mazzocchi who found himself recently unemployed. He had apparently been fired for planking while on the job at the Gamestop where he had worked for almost four years. More »

A Bone-Chilling Run Through The Deadliest Road in Colorado

Despite living in Colorado for ten years I never drove through Independence Pass. Not in bad weather. Certainly not with snow on the mountain pass. More »

I Found a Video Game that Combines Sonic with Super Mario Galaxy (with Guns)

Armillo was one of the games I stopped to see at the Penny Arcade Expo just to be polite. I'd never heard of the studio behind the game, Fuzzy Wuzzy Games. More »

A Guide to the Likely Hits and Probable Stinkers of DC Comics' 52 New Super-Hero Comics

DC Comics, the outfit that puts out Superman, Batman and so many other super-hero comics is re-starting its line today. They're not exactly calling it a re-boot, but when you cancel almost all of your super-hero comics and start rolling out 52 new series over the course of a month, you might as... More »

So That's What a Persona Fighting Game Looks Like... Wow

A Persona fighting game? It's really happening, thanks to the people at Atlus and BlazBlue creators Arc System Works. This is what it looks like-lovely!-and this is who will be beating each other up in Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena. More »

Modern Warfare 3 ‘Hardened Edition' Details Leak, Includes Year-long Elite Membership

The "Hardened Edition" of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 appears to have had its contents outed earlier than officially planned, contents that include a one year membership to Activision's Call of Duty Elite service and other virtual goods. More »

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