CONTROL FREAK | NEW YORK, NEW YORK: Kontrol Freek's new TeeFreek button toppers. (Photo by Crecente)

Freek Out!Digital Dragnet Cast For More Possible Victims of Accused Xbox Pedophile

Police are calling for parents to search the Xbox Live friend's lists of their children for the user name of self-professed furry and accused sexual predator Richard Kretovic. Greece, New York police say the 19-year-old sexually abused an under 13-year-old in the basement of his house after the... More »

Freek Out!Imagining The Perfect Sonic The Hedgehog Game

Is there a perfect Sonic the Hedgehog video game? Perhaps the answer lies in our imaginations. In today's Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter Lance423 wonders what your ideal speeding hedgehog game would play like. More »

Freek Out!How Virtual Cog-Driven Machines Made Game Of Thrones Awesome

Inspired by ancient self-operating machines and driven by clever computer animation, the opening credits for HBO's Game of Thrones is packed with Easter eggs and miniature marvels. More »

Freek Out!Microsoft And Sony Targeting 2014 For New Consoles, Leaving Nintendo In The Clear

The next Xbox and the next PlayStation won't be released until 2014, if Microsoft and Sony have their way, industry sources tell Kotaku. Both companies are hoping to wait out the current generation, and extending an already elongated console life-cycle despite clear signs that Nintendo will launch... More »


Freek Out!Undercover Operation Catches Video Game Retailers Enforcing Ratings

As the Supreme Court considers whether or not selling violent video games to children should be a crime in California, the Federal Trade Commission releases a report showing that game retailers are doing just fine enforcing game ratings without fines and jail time hanging over their heads. More »

Freek Out!Finally, Somebody Started Building Starcraft Units Out of Legos

Not only did someone take the time to painstakingly replicate the Siege Tank, they actually made it able to change into and out of siege mode. The only thing missing here is... More »

Freek Out!Department of Homeland Security Spends $286K on a Bad Video Game

Backed by a Department of Homeland Security grant, The Day The Earth Shook is meant to be a video game that teaches children about surviving an earthquake, but it's more likely to educate them about the dangers of bad game design. In the free PC and Mac game, players are meant to help Allen and... More »

Freek Out!How To Find Three Of Portal 2's Best Secrets

Have you already finished Portal 2? If not, maybe you shouldn't watch this video, which shows you how to dig up three of the game's Easter Eggs, because at least one of them is seriously spoileriffic. More »

Freek Out!Activision Explains How Call Of Duty Will Escape Guitar Hero's Fate

Guitar Hero was once a shining star of a video game franchise, with each yearly installment generating more excitement than the last. Now the series is on indefinite hold. More »

Freek Out!PlayStation Home Now Home To Real-Time Multiplayer, Better Graphics & More

The PlayStation 3's digital hang out space, PlayStation Home, will soon be home to better actual video games, thanks to the platform's next big update. More »

Freek Out!Step One: Move To L.A. Step Two: Re-Think My Entire Video Game Collection

We've seen some great gaming set-ups on Kotaku in the past: Brian Crecente's High-Def Game Room, galleries of game developer's game rooms, and even pictures submitted by you guys (to Kotaku Australia), which included some of the most awesomely bad set-ups I've ever seen. More »

Kontrol Freek has been making these little nubby add-on things for controller thumbsticks for awhile now. I haven't really found much of a use for them, but I'm sure there's a market out there somewhere. Right? –Brian Crecente

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