Launch | Actress Clare Grant (L) attends Nintendo 3DS exclusive launch event at Siren Studios on March 26, 2011 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Chris Weeks/Getty Images for Nintendo)

Bedtime Stories

Launch Was a GoThe Pros and Cons of Early 3DS Ownership

Being a fan of technology and gee-whiz gadgets can take its toll on your bank account and your faith in innovation at times. Often the hype preceding the latest bit of new technical wizardry doesn't live up to the gadget itself, or early adopters of new technology find themselves the owners of... More »

Launch Was a GoFrom The Maker Of QWOP, GIRP Will Take You Higher

First Ben Foddy brought us QWOP, the ridiculously difficult running simulation game. Now he returns with GIRP, a rock climbing game that's a real workout on your fingers, sure to lower productivity the higher you get. More »

Launch Was a GoYou'll Probably Never Play This Unauthorized Arcade Version Of Plants Vs. Zombies

What kind of relationship does Shunxiang Technology have with Planets Vs. Zombies developer PopCap Games? None whatsoever, but that isn't stopping the former from releasing an arcade version of the latter's popular tower defense game in China. More »

Launch Was a GoThe Mathematics Of Seduction And Other Devious Solutions To A Spy Party's Problems

Chris Hecker, who strikes me as not the kind of man who enjoys going to parties, spends a lot of time thinking about parties and the tricky things spies might do at them. More »


Launch Was a GoTaking Turns With The PSP Beats Attacking Your Twin Brother With A Chair Leg

A 13-year-old boy in Solon, Ohio, took a trip to juvie hall earlier this month after reportedly assaulting his twin brother with a broken chair leg because he wouldn't give him a turn at the PSP. More »

Launch Was a GoFelicia Day Among Time's Must-Follow Twitterati

What do Neil Gaiman, Lady Gaga, Xeni Jardin and Felicia Day have in common? They all made Time's list for best Twitter feeds. With 1.8 million followers and quite a few geek and gamer-friendly television shows under her belt, Day is currently at the 20 spot on the list. More »

Launch Was a Go3DS's Friend List Messaging Is the Worst of Facebook, Twitter

Gamers may be a bit confused about how exactly owners of Nintendo's 3DS portable are supposed to communicate with one another on the system. After spending the weekend trying to figure it out on my own, I finally bugged Nintendo directly about it. More »

Launch Was a GoFalling Out Of Love With The Xbox 360 Kinect

"That's it. I am never playing a Kinect game again." I said this under my breath at a recent game expo, after surviving what I deemed my last controller-free gaming experience. More »

Launch Was a GoFinal Fantasy III Is The Best And Most Expensive Final Fantasy On The iPhone

Square Enix has finally made the third game in the Final Fantasy series available on the iPhone, and it's pretty damn good. Is it $15.99 worth of good? More »

Lots of 3DS chatter on Twitter and Facebook today as people spend time with their new toy. Are you still playing with your's Ash? –Brian Crecente

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