PlayStation Revivals On NGP That We'd Like To See

Many of the games being made for Sony's PSP successor, the NGP, appear to be build upon past PlayStation greatness. If that's how it goes, might we suggest a few more?

The following are not real games — at least not as far as we know here at Kotaku. They are flights of fancy, each a game that could highlight something special about the NGP.

MAG NGP - We know the NGP will support some sort of optional 3G connection, though not necessarily for multiplayer gaming (we're not sure). Still, this gaming device has Wi-Fi, wireless and, with 3G, potentially more connectivity options than any dedicated gaming machine before it. Combine that with twin thumbsticks that make first-person shooters ergonomic on the go and why not cook that recipe into a portable spin-off of the PlayStation 3's 256-player first-person shooter?

Demon's Souls NGP - The NGP has a service called Near that is supposed to sniff out nearby NGPs and do some sort of data detection or exchange. It also has built-in GPS and an internal electronic compass. PlayStation 3 cult hit Demon's Souls didn't use any feature like that but it did do some things that could have used those tools. The primarily single-player game allowed gamers to see ghost versions of other players running through the game world. It let players leave each other messages — hints, ideally — in the game world's dark corners. It was a communal game while remaining a primarily isolated one, a grand adventure inflected with the kindness and unkindness of briefly-intersecting strangers. Surely the Near, GPS and compass tech could be used for a similar effect on a portable Demon's Souls.

Amplitude/Frequency NGP - The PlayStation 2 beat-matching music games from Rock Band studio Harmonix already got a PSP successor in the form of Rock Band Unplugged. But the PSP didn't have a touch screen on the top and a touch-panel on the back. The NGP does. Imagine all the possible ways to tap an NGP along to the beat. This could be a very good thing.


Killzone Liberation NGP - Someone is already making a Killzone for the NGP. That game appears to be a shooter, similar to the console Killzone games. Back on the PSP, however, Killzone Liberation was a more strategic war game, played from an quasi-overhead perspective. The PSP game required careful movement, use of cover and lots of well-arced grenades. It wasn't turn-based but it played a little closer to the pace of the great Nintendo handheld series Advance Wars than almost anything else Sony made for the PSP. Surely, a game like this would run well on NGP, controlled with taps, swipes and pinches on the system's multi-touch OLED screen.

Lumines NGP - Surely, this game is already being made? Q Entertainment, creators of the original Lumines, are already listed as an official NGP development studio. Surely, anything that even smells like a new PSP should have what was for many people the definitive PSP launch game, the wonderful Tetris-at-a-rave puzzle game Lumines?

If NGP is going to be partially used as a platform to remake or reinvent classic PlayStation games and series, what would you like to see? Okami NGP? Tobal NGP? Mark of Kri NGP?