Fans of headphones and spin-offs and Excitebike were hopefully also fans of Kotaku reviews this week. Check out what we reviewed in the past seven days.

NCAA Basketball 10 Review: Some Shining Moments
In which Owen Good explains how Dick Vitale can be tolerable.

Wii Energizer 4X Charging Station Review: Induction Into the Hall of Fame
In which Brian Crecente explains why the Wii remote jacket is not an impediment to usefulness (for once!)

Astro Gaming A40 Audio System Review: Sound Advice
In which Michael McWhertor ponders the value of $250 headphones.

Excitebike: World Rally Micro-Review: Race back to 1985
In which freelancer Matt Cabral praises a new game's graphics for looking 65-bit.

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Review: Three's A Welcome Trend
In which a game angers me for not following its own rules.
(Pre-rendered cut-scene featured atop this post)

PSPgo Cradle Review: Dock and Go
In which Crecente resists all possible "cradle" puns.

Assassin's Creed Bloodlines Review: Thicker Than Water?
In which Brian Ashcraft applauds, respects, but also slams the game's camera controls.

Sound Blaster Arena Surround Gaming Headset Review: Who's That Sneaking Up On Me?
In which Crecente ponders the value of $100 headphones.