Lost: One Giant PSP [UPDATE]

There used to be a giant PSP around the corner from Kotaku's NYC branch office, at the midway point between my chair and Rockstar Games HQ. Now there's just this H&M billboard. [UPDATE: Sony comments.]

This PSP that stood above Houston Street just off of Lafayette Street, was massive, larger even than an Atari Lynx. It was affixed to a billboard and had been running promotional PSP videos at least since 2006.

Here it is in a photo of the giant PSP circa 2008, which I pulled from Curbed.com.


Lost: One Giant PSP [UPDATE]

That site, along with the outlet you're reading now, have covered the literal ups and downs of the giant PSP, which has been lowered for repairs in the past.

I had wondered to myself earlier this summer if Sony would replace the giant PSP with a giant PSPgo. Now I'm wondering if the giant PSP initiative is over. To think that some time in August, while I furiously typed up news of the PS3 Slim, the PSP Giant was being dismantled just a couple of blocks nearby. So sad.


I've inquired with Sony as to the whereabouts and future plans for the giant PSP.

[UPDATE: Via e-mail Sony spokesperson Patrick Seybold comments on the demise of the giant PSP to Kotaku: "The PSP billboard in New York City has been removed, as SCEA has decided to focus our resources on a broader marketing campaign that's inclusive of the new PSPgo, the PSP-3000, and the best software lineup to hit the platform. New Yorkers and visitors to the city will see the PSP brand more than ever this year, as part of a significant out-of-home campaign that includes billboards, bus shelters, and posters."]