OK, THIS Is A Racing Rig

Earlier in the week, we posted a rather nice-looking racing rig. Thought it was pretty swish. All that did, though, was prompt reader The Dude to email in, saying "You call that a racing rig?!"

Well, yes, we did, but his exclamations were for a good reason. See, he pointed us towards I-Way. Which is, quite frankly, almost too extravagant to believe it actually exists.

But exist it does. Located in Lyon, France, I-Way opened last year and boasts 18 "simulators", which is a rather demure way of saying "real racing car with three surround screens and a freakin' hydraulic movement platform". There's even multiple types of car on offer: you and your fabulously wealthy mates can race I-Way's custom simulator "game" in one of six Formula 1, Rally or Endurance vehicles.


OK, THIS Is A Racing Rig

As New Kingdom say, though, Paradise Don't Come Cheap. One session in the F1 cars will cost you €90 (USD$120). The Rally and Endurance cars cost €75 (USD$100) & €60 (USD$80) respectively, while you can buy a package deal (where you race in all three) for €200 (USD$265).

What recession?