EA CEO: "There Will Be A Mercenaries 3" And if John Riccitiello has say in the matter Mercenaries 10 will be coming to the next-next-next gen platform of your choosing. Responding on today's earnings conference call to a question if some EA's recent releases would be "sequelable," Riccitiello unsurprisingly said "Yes." Mercenaries 2: World in Flames has sold 1.9 million copies for the company, making the third entry — and probably even the tenth — a bottom line no-brainer. At least EA's mercs have job security... Riccitiello also re-confirmed that Dead Space and the soon to be released Mirror's Edge would be further franchised but were "not likely to be annual sequels." Same for Spore , which will see new expansion packs and "new business models." Let's just hope all this franchise success doesn't put the kibosh on the company's drive for new IP.