Anyone For Console: Total War? Creative Assembly - the team behind the Total War series - have told Eurogamer that they've not only been talking about a console version of the acclaimed strategy series "a lot over the years", but that they'd "love to do it". Coming on the heels of Ensemble's turn to a console game, then closure, dyed-in-the-wool PC gamers will no doubt be reacting with a mix of rage and rage . Of course, there are plenty of obstacles in their way, limited console lifespans and the complexity of the PC versions the primary two amongst many . As a long-time devotee of the Total War series, I'm hoping this outpouring of intent is harmless, akin to me saying "I'd love to buy a private jet, fill it with plastic balls (ala a ball pit) and order the pilot to make with the barrel rolls". It'd be awesome , but it's never going to happen. Dev would "love to do" console Total War [Eurogamer]