Can Grand Theft Auto Go Christian? The Christian set has a message-filled, re-skinned doppelganger of almost every form of entertainment these days. The most recent, relevant to our interests? Guitar Praise: Solid Rock , the Guitar Hero knockoff with a positive message from Digital Praise, maker of all things fun and biblically inspired. And while Christian targeted games are nothing new — see Left Behind: Eternal Forces , Bible Adventures and Catechumen — there are some genres that escape its influence. The sandbox style crime spree, for example, popularized by Grand Theft Auto . MTV Multiplayer asked the CEO of Digital Praise Tom Bean just how feasible a project that might be. "It comes down to what kind of things do you want to do in that world," Bean says, noting that the developer has designs on such a thing, "But creating those kinds of games is not inexpensive." We say go for it, Tom, but lets do this Crusades-style. Keep it fun. ‘Guitar Praise’ Developer Ponders Christian ‘Grand Theft Auto’ [MTV Multiplayer]