These Pokemon Shirts Are For Adults

Pokémon debuted in Japan back in 1995, causing a kid frenzy. Meaning? Those kids aren't kids aren't kids anymore. Some of them are adults! Via game forum NeoGAF comes this announcement:

The Pok´mon Company has announced Pokémon 151, a new brand intended for adult Pokémon fans. An official Web site opens Thursday, and Japanese Pokémon Center stores have begun selling four types of stylized T-shirts. In addition, a Diamond and Pearl battle tournament for ages 15 and up will be held at the Tokyo store July 4.

The four T-shirts currently available for pre-sale feature stylized designs of Hypno, Cubone, Articuno and Mewtwo, respectively.

Yep, Japan only for the time being. Hit the jump for two more shirts.

These Pokemon Shirts Are For Adults


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