The Internet Reacts To Google Trying To Buy Twitch

Both Variety and The Wall Street Journal have reported tonight that Google is in talks to buy Twitch. Some people are happy about this. Other people are not.

Here's a snapshot of the internet's immediate reaction to the proposed move. We'll start close to home:



There's positive sentiment coming from the e-sports scene, one of the primary drivers of Twitch's popularity over the years.

The streaming crowd, on the other hand, is a little more divided. Understandably, given Google's history with copyright enforcement.

Unsurprisingly, negative sentiment has led to the hashtag #RIPTwitch trending on Twitter, at least in the United States.

Meanwhile, over on Twitch's Facebook page, users of the service aren't waiting for an official confirmation/announcement of the talks to share their thoughts.

The Internet Reacts To Google Trying To Buy Twitch

Here's a more general reaction to the news (with the occasional insight):

And of course, last but not least, where would a topic like this be without Francis adding his $0.02