Xbox One Has The Best Error MessagesS

Via Twitterer @getB3NT, behold the greatest error message on any video game console. "Because of your past behavior, you can't Xbox Live Gold is required to use Skype for Xbox One."

(Note: @getB3NT says you get that error message if you swear in a private Skype call, but I just spent like five minutes cursing at Tina on XB1 Skype, and I didn't get anything like that. Others are reporting that they've gotten similar message for swearing on the video-sharing app Upload Studio.)

That's not the only amazing error message on Xbox One. There are also these, captured by our own Evan Narcisse:

Xbox One Has The Best Error Messages

Xbox One Has The Best Error Messages

SOMETHING WENT TERRIBLY WRONG. FOR SOME REASON. The next generation of error messages is here, and it is glorious.