The Ultimate Zune Launch Game Video Guide

In the same spirit as our ultimate guide to iPhone games » 9/17/08 12:40pm 9/17/08 12:40pm we did back when Apple launched its game initiative, I give you the Ultimate Video Guide to the . I cover everything from Hexic to Texas Hold 'Em, and everything inbetween...which is technically nothing. It's nice to see them try, really, but I'd rather have…

Robbie Bach Talks Up Zune In Face Of Apple's Gaming Agenda

Did you know that Microsoft's president of entertainment and devices division Robbie Bach spoke at a press conference yesterday? No? You were busy following the Apple coverage, like we were? Well Bach isn't going to let the focus on Apple get him down. The Xbox 360 continues to see success, and the Zune...well,… » 9/10/08 12:40pm 9/10/08 12:40pm