Zenonia 5 Comes Alive on Android This Week

Gamevil's ever-expanding mobile action RPG series turns five this week, with the release of Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny for Android devices. Has it really been five games already? » 11/12/12 12:35pm 11/12/12 12:35pm

Action RPG Zenonia 4 is HD and Free in the iTunes App Store

My favorite little mobile phone action role-playing game is back and better than ever today, as Gamevil unleashes the first fully HD installment of the Zenonia series for iOS devices. Did I mention it's free? » 12/21/11 3:20pm 12/21/11 3:20pm

The Nintendo Download: Zenonia Gets A Real Control Pad

Gamevil's role-playing game Zenonia is an excellent iPhone title, its one significant flaw being the lack of a real directional pad. With the DSiWare release of Zenonia, that problem gets solved. » 9/27/10 11:20am 9/27/10 11:20am

Zenonia 2 Bound For iPhone By Week's End

Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories, sequel to one of the most popular role-playing games on the iPhone, will likely be submitted to Apple for publishing by the end of the week, the developers tell us. » 3/24/10 10:00am 3/24/10 10:00am

When A Thumb Gets In An iPhone Gamer's Way, More or Less

Yesterday Kotaku reported about the latest attempt to give players joystick control of a character in an iPhone game, without blocking too much of the screen. Today, check out five videos that show five approaches to dealing with the problem. » 1/22/10 10:40am 1/22/10 10:40am

Zenonia Micro-Review: Unexpectedly Epic

Korean developer Gamevil seeks to pack an epic experience into a tiny space with Zenonia, an action roleplaying game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. » 6/11/09 2:00pm 6/11/09 2:00pm