Watch Out Spotify: Xbox Music Is Finally Coming To iOS & Android

These days, all-access streaming music services no longer feel like unlikely magic tricks—they're a convenient, widely adopted way to listen to music. There's clearly a lot of money to be made in streaming music, and big technology companies aren't going to sit idly by and let upstarts like Rdio and Spotify corner the… »9/09/13 3:00pm9/09/13 3:00pm


'Xbox Music' Brings a Music Store and Subscription Music Streaming to Your Xbox 360

Today at their E3 press conference, Microsoft announced a new music app for the Xbox 360 called "Xbox Music," which will allow users to buy and stream music on their Xbox 360, which can be accessed from any screen. Users can download music from a new music store, or subscribe to streaming channels or artist-based… »6/04/12 2:58pm6/04/12 2:58pm